Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's about time!

I didn't post yesterday becasue I threw my back out at work, wanted to scream from pain and ended up going home early.
I was asleep in the living room by 7:30 pm (wow I fell asleep during Castle), went to bed at 8pm ,read and feel asleep in my book at 8:25pm. Pain really tires you out!

I feel better today but stayed home from work to make sure I was really healed and I'll be seeing the chiropractor tomorrow morning.

So back in September 2012 while on a roadtrip to Gananoque we found not one but 2 Lucite lamps, here's their story in the original POST

Now the orange one was installed over the dinning room table just like so

And we finally managed to install; after much discussions...;
the chartreuse one.
TCB baby! That is what I'm talking about!
YAY for us!
And the Cassoulet? out of this world! I will modify the recipe and will not include the duck (too expensive for my taste) I might substitute it for pork.
Yes Dad I prepared a dish for you and it is in the freezer.
And it is the lunch choice today!
Be well my friends 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Yikes! Hope you back is better soon! Love those lamps! Glad they both got hung.
hugs, Linda

Jill said...

Those lamps are so retro!!

Hope you're feeling better.

ColibriNB said...

Sorry to read about your back - take care of yourself!
Hmm - is there more than one dish in that freezer?? ;)
Those lamps must give a very retro feel!

Anonymous said...

Oooh pretty! I've been wondering whatever happend to those lovely lamps of yours. Feel better soon!

Mick said...

Oh I love it! Id've never been able to pick between the orange a green! glad they are both up! Hope your back stays in!