Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun with Snow

Yes I'm showing you a picture of yours truly shoveling snow in my PJs!

Who cares what the neighbors think!

Sorry about that Dad!
I bet this pic will be right there with the white trash/green chair/blowmold near the pool shot!
Yep Dad still talks about that one!
 See? I'm having fun and shoveling too!
Be well my friends!
Please say a little prayer for the speedy recovering of Mr. Toes ,Linda's kitty
He got shot by a pellet gun


ColibriNB said...

I hope this shovelling means your back is much better! Here, we're still in the January cold snap - brrr!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You look so cute out there in the snow! I also hope your back is better!!!! Thank you for the shout out for Mr. Toes. He is slowly improving! Still need prayers! Big Hugs, Linda

SusieQT said...

HaHa- could be worse- you could be out there in a "Forever Lazy"! LOL

Mick said...

No thank you! haha its fun looking at your winter wonderland while the high here today in Texas is 75!

Jill said...

Won't it be nice when that snow starts to melt??