Thursday, January 10, 2013

That's a BIG promise!

Yes that's nice but from a dépanneur (convinience store)/ currency converter?
I'm not sure!
This was taken today on Crescent street below Ste-Catherine street.
If, by any chance you're not familiar with poutine....
It is a Québec invention that consists of french fries, gravy and curd cheese.
It is considered one of Canada's national dishes (really?)
It can be sinfully delicious or reaaly crappy not worth the calories...
Now the french fries have to be fresh, not frozen 
It can be jazzed up with cut up hot dogs, chicken, peas, smoked meat and countless meat delicacies.
Chichi chefs have even put foie gras on it...and maple syrup! I don't think so!
Be nice!  


SixBalloons said...

You didn't try it!?

Cheapchick said...

I would say likely difficult to get good poutine outside Quebec - I have never had it and only seen it in a few places. Just another reason I need to go there one day! But not for the convenience store kind :)

ColibriNB said...

Euh - I think I'd pass on that one. There are a few places around here (NB) that have really good Quebec-style poutine, but I must say that it's a rare treat for me (hard to justify that fries, cheese and gravy are a meal).
If you're in NB, just be sure not to confuse the Quebec poutine with the Acadian poutine - you'd be in for a big surprise!

Vonlipi said...


I've had NB poutine... poutine rapée and poutine a trous

I've even seen cans of poutine!

The name is the best part... it comes from to put in (poutine)

I've had 2 wonderful summer in NB, St-Thomas near Bouctouche. So nice!

ColibriNB said...

Bouctouche is probably the best place for Acadian poutine (I hear Les Poutines à Léa are the best). I must admit that I have yet to acquire that taste! lol