Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adventures in bread making....

I love bread! About 2 years ago I took the plunge and started trying to make bread.
I say trying because I'm not always succesful....really!
I tried making baguette (that was real awful) ,regular white bread (better as toast), biscuits(too thin), slow cooker brown bread (just like a big muffin but real tasty) and an amazing bread that takes forever and you need to preheat a dutchoven for ages in the oven, but the result has been really,really good!
Lately after a really long no baking period, I tried hamburger buns (That's definitely Guy Fieri's fault...lol...Dinners,drive-ins and dives). The buns didn't rise properly and I ended up with slider size buns, good but too compact. Yesterday I trid Naan bread, a traditional indian bread, a recipe from Emeril...Well Emeril you are full of....It tasted like Pita bread not Naan!!! Well I ate most of it...hehehe! I have tons of lentil curry leftover, so I'm trying another recipe....To be continued! lol

On another subject....I love opening my email and finding I sold something on Etsy! It always makes my day!
I hope to save enough to pay half of the car's repairs....Positive thinking!!!
I read a lot of blogs and people plan their weekly menus a lot! I can plan for Friday,Saturday and Sunday but that's it! After it's a long string of leftovers...I am so grateful Dan loves leftovers! My dad is a big leftover person too and my mom (let's not go there!!!) was definitely the queen of leftovers...oh yeah definitely....lol
Tonite I plan to make some kind of asian cold noodle salad with green and red peppers, spring onions, a spicy dressing with chicken and maybe shrimp.....Should be D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!
Until next time....Be kind to your neighbors, they might have Pyrex (I couldn't help myself...I find this hilarious....)

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