Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Angel update

You remember that post when I said that I was watching the complete Angel series?

Well I finished season 3. I turned the house upside down trying to find the last 2 seasons (really! I nearly lost sleep over that...I was like a maniac) and nothing! After a couple of days I realised that I never had them, I never bought them....(rats!)

So now I'm on the prowl for Angel....lol. I tried Ebay but what I found was way too expensive....I tried some internet reatilers...expensive as well....I went to Walmart (I never go to Walmart, I associate that store with the SPAWN OF SATAN! Need I go into the union thing?, the low wages? the harrassement? the blackmail of local companies?-Granted the prices are good for the customers....) So there I am in Walmart, battling the crazed bargain hunters with their carts full of kids....repeating "Don't stop and look, don't stop and touch just go to the electronics department"...Well they only had seasons 1 & 2...Bummer! Big badaboum bummer!!! LOL

So I started to watch Buffy the vampire slayer.....

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