Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth hour

Saturday night, nothing good on TV....There's never anything on TV on saturday night. Except SNL and usually too late for little old me!

So what a wonderful occasion to participate in Earth Hour! We went dark from 8:30 to 9:30 last night and spent the time eating microwave popcorn and spying on our neighbors to see if their houses were dark....I live in a small dead end street with only 6 houses and I'm sad to report that only 50% of the residents participated....But I'm positive that next year more will do.

When you think about it every little gesture counts! Shutting off lights when not in use, replacing light bulbs with neon bulbs or LED, recycling, composting, shopping locally...Planting drought resistant plants and even replacing grass with plants that don't require as much water and of course using reusable shopping bags! And those pesky plastic water bottles! We use a Brita to filter our drinking water and the water is sweet and refreshing!

Shopping locally is hard in a cold climate, let's face it we would only eat carrots,potatoes,cabbage and onions in winter(good veggies but lack variety!!!). I try to buy products from my province at least, so now my dishwashing liquid (Bio-Vert)comes from Laval (15 min north of Montreal) and is certified enviromental choice, my powdered soap for the dishwasher (produits ecolo lemieux) is not only biodegredable but made in Montreal and my detergent (La parisienne) has the same provenance. As for the price well they have come a long way, the liquid dish soap and the detergent are really competitively priced and I find them less expensive than 'National Brands' quite often! The powdered dishwasher soap is 8.00$ for 2 kilos and lasts a really long time. So I figure I'm also a winner there!

Doing my part makes sense!


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