Friday, March 6, 2009

Pizza ? Did someone say Pizza???

Wow already my 98th post! Time flies.....
I don't think I'll be doing anything special to celebrate my 100th post, because very often I can't enter other blogger's giveaways because I'm from Canada....So back at you! And I officially know of 2 Canadians who follow my blog....One of them being my dad!!!

On to the other matters! I LOVE pizza! Last night Dan (my better half) was kind enough to take me to my fave pizza place....Woodland Pizza in Verdun (my old neighbourhood). It's fascinating that the taste didn't change after 49 years. Well actually I have been going and ordering from them since 1991 and still that amazing dough to pepperoni to cheese ratio....We ordered a bigger one so we could have some for lunch today!

It's 20 to 9 in the A.M. and I'm starting to hear the pizza calling me from the fridge.....Man oh man that is hard!
Hum pizza....I'm so like Homer Simpson for pizza...(and for beer! lol)
My other fave pizza joint is Bill's pizza in OOB Maine (Old orchard Beach). Their plain pie is to die for! Really....I can wait to sink my teeth in a big juicy slice......LOL
I won't eat just any old pizza....I don't like thick crust or too much cheese (2 inches of cheese on the pizza is too much!!!). I'm not crazy about Pizza Hut or Dominos (well not Domino's in Quebec at least, I had a great one in Cape Ann, Mass a while back).Never had a Papa Gino's....And the one near my house (Expo pizzeria) is ok, but I think the pizza man or woman is not giving their 100%. When I order thin crust not too much cheese, very often the crust and the cheese are too toasted (dark) so not as great as it could be....
Some of my earliest memories are eating pizza with my dad at Pizzeria Napolitaine on Park ave in Montreal and of wanting pizza for supper for my B-Day. Waiting for the bus after figure skating practice in front of Pendelis Pizza in Outremont ( I was 10) and asking for the little ball of bread they put in the middle of the pie (not that weird looking little round plastic table most places now use) . As a young adult I had a boyfriend in Park Extension and a great love affair with a pizza place on Bloomfield ave. I swear when we broke off I was more sad to leave the pizza place than him, and there was No way I would go back to that WEIRD neighbourhood....LOL
And I should not forget the pizza and calzones from Trattoria Gioia in Rome, I think we would eat there nearly every night.....
Wow quite a trip down memory lane.....


The Nonna said...

Hi Valerie,

Kyra here. I work for the marketing agency that's helping Pizza Hut Canada to connect with its fans (and potential fans ;) ) through social media.

Although I realize your post says you aren't the biggest fan of Pizza Hut, I'd be happy to help you, hopefully, change that sentiment. Pizza Hut's new Tuscani Pasta is available in Quebec now. If you're interested in giving it a try, please let me know!

You can get in touch with me through my profile profile on Facebook - the profile name is Ammo North. (Here's the link:

It's always a pleasure to find passionate Canadian bloggers - especially those who have a knack for bringing their posts to life as vividly as you seem to. (I'm now flashing back to my time spent in Montreal as a student. :)

Hope to keep in touch! Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

oooh that is delightful looking pizza!


Vonlipi said...

Yes Lori it is delightful!

Thanks for your visit!