Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Tidbits

TGIF! My cold is almost gone, YAY!

 I love friday,it's like the weekend is already here! And tonite I will be watching triple D (Diners,Drive-ins and Dives) as usual. I can never get enough of these charming places! I wish I could take a GINORMOUS road trip and visit them all (no time restreint and no money concerns) and not gain weight! Wow that is a big fantasy! Right along the one where I find Pyrex in the trash....
Well guess what? It happenned to this lady and I read about it in the Pyrex Love pool on Flickr....Read about it HERE !

I want to give a HUGE thank you and tons of hugs to Tracy @ Crazy Suburban Mom for the bracelet. It is lovely and made me feel like a princess! I wore it last night while country line dancing and it matches a blouse I have. Thank you,thank you,THANK YOU!

On the unpleasant side of things....While visiting all the lovely VTT folks, I stumbled upon a link that intriged me....Boy was I in for a shock! It was a post of pure hatred about Obama! And how George Bush was so much better, and how Obama was ruining the U.S, how they wanted the U.S like it was before, and christian values of the fore fathers etc...etc.... You get the picture.It was really bad. I'm always suprised to see that lack of tolerance from children of God! We all are children of God! And we need to be generous and tolerant and loving. I'm a very happy go lucky person and I strive to be positive as much as possible because I'm a firm believer in you reap what you sow. And that applies to all religions,gender,race or sex orientation .

Ok now that I've said my peace.....


With none other than..... 

HENRY!!!! The bringer of joy!!!

And since he's not grounded anymore...I'm bringing him to the sugar shack! Yay baby!
(I won't forget him, I swear...he's already in my handbag!)
We are gonna gorge ourselves in various pork products and sweet,sweet maple syrup!!! NO DIET TODAY!!! HEEHAW!

And after we are all going to visit a new thrift shop! What fun! Be happy readers and have a nice weekend! 


Linda said...

Wow I can't believe the wonderful finds that lady got in the could someone throw away such treasures? sigh....have a fun day with Henry.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

ohhhh! Im so glad you got it and that it's okay and all - An okay size an okay color - you know, okay and all :)

I'm odd and sort of ...weird about that. Like its sigh, kind of dumb. Kind of not that good. Lame. Stupid. I really never sold any of it. I must have 10 of them around. Mostly silver.

Im getting stupid about it. Okay enough

Maureen said...

Wow - I can't believe she found all of that in the trash!

So you and Henry are off on an adventure. Can't wait to see the pics! Oh, and have some taffy on snow for me.

Leilani said...

wow can't believe someone got that amazing haul out of the trash-- yes, that's definitely a dream of mine too!

馨裕 said...

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