Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Retro Tuesday: 1941 Better Homes and Gardens

This is for my Dad because he likes my posts about old magazine ads. I would've tried to shake things up (like last week) but I didn't have the success I was counting on. But you need to remember folks: Tuesday IS Soylent Green day! So get yours soon before they run out!

At 5:15 this morning I was rummaging through my vintage mags and I spotted one I didn't remember leafing through! Better Homes and Gardens February 1941. I was surprised to see so much ads to make you spend,spend,spend during the war and a lot of recipes too and not the kind telling you to save,ration and disguise the hash your family had 3 times in a row.

What really struck me were weird ads. Here's what I mean...

This is for a rug company.Personal...for a girl with brown hair. Ok weird! I'd never heard of that decorating concept; to pick a carpet with your hair in mind!!! And what about your husband's hair and your kids??? What if they clash with the carpet? What would a girl do? And I feel she's too od to be called a girl....But that's just little old middle aged me!

How about this one?

This is an ad for Coca-Cola disguised in an ad for a flower arranging book...Talk about weird! Near the soda 6 pack one can read: In this book, you will find also ways to arrange Coca-Cola for serving, as illustrated on the left. Like flowers themselves,Coca-Cola is one of the pleasant things that brighten a home. It adds the life and sparkle that make for more gracious living.
This is a skill I need! I need to learn to arrange Coke bottles, otherwise I will be the personna non grata in my circle of friends! I will be shunned from the super market, barred from church and my social life (what is left of it) will be non-existant!!!

Oh and by the way 'the arrangement'  in the angel vase doesn't do anything for me. I mean everybody can stick flowers in any old things and presto changeo an arrangement!

And no there was NO Pyrex ads in this magazine!
Until next time...Keep on thrifting!

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I've never seen either of those ads but what a hoot - I have to say ads from the 40's were kind of bizarre. So were the magazines themselves - an odd time I guess. The recipes were strange too. A very weird mix of things - use it up, I guess. Everything about them... The one's I have tended to be bundled with the 50's magazines - I didn't normally buy them

Isnt it funny how people like the ads though? I had a friend say that just this week. Someone who isnt into retro at all. which struck me so oddly


Mick said...

The coke thing honestly doesnt suprise me.. now if it said "this book will also show you how to arrange Chesterfeild brand ciggaretts in a fashionable yet chic way... haha" And maybe the brown carpet so you cant see the girls brown hair shedding? Who knows haha!