Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sugar shacking with Henry!

Last friday we went for our annual sugar shack meal. We always go to the same place, small, discreet,clean, all the meat comes from their own farm and the rest is local. As we all know elves love sugar so it was high time Henry experience this timeless tradition!

√Črabliere St-Henri is really by the side of the road....I just realized that this was meant to be (Henry has the same name as the sugar shack...)

Henry is checking things out. On the table you have cretons and slaw with a maple syrup dressing. We are waiting for the french canadian pea soup.

Ham in maple syrup or cocktail sausages in maple syrup, that is THE question! Why not I sample both? thinks Henry. 

Here Henry is trying to run away with a piece of fried lard called oreilles de christ (christ's ears). No I didn't invent that. It's true and it's a bona fide part of the sugar shack experience! It's  like a thicker crunchier slice of bacon. By the way the food is really good there. And the desserts!

We had little crepes, sugar pie and maple sugar pie. We ate the crepes with butter,maple butter,maple sugar and maple syrup! I was too busy (and everyone else too) to snap some pictures of this....rats!


Henry! Don't drink too much of the maple water! I've told you what it does! For those who don't gives you the runs....Yeah big time!

Next post: Henry goes thrifting to our new favorite haunt!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

OH. HOLY. CALORIES. Ive never seen anything like that ever... swear. Fried lard and are you kidding me????

And no, I know your not its just,omg.

Ive had a fattening week...

Maureen said...

OMG - just thinking about it makes me waddle.

CC said...

Yummmm,Yummmmmmmmmmmm, oh how I wish I could have joined this feast. I'm so happy for Henry that he was allowed to go. I know he had