Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's all go to the Casablanca!

Last week I was a runner up in a blog giveaway hosted by Mick's from the Oh So FAB blog Eveyone Goes to Mick's. I won a Casablanca Hotel & Resort postcard . I received it yesterday along with a really sweet note.

Thank you Mick you're the sweetest! Here's the beauty!

It makes me want to lounge in that yard sipping a Tiki cocktail!

I invite you to take a tour of that wonderful place via a video I found on YouTube....

You must visit that blog and follow Mick in his thrifting adventures and the ongoing reno of that fabulous weekend retreat! Go and you won't be disappointed! Casablanca H&R here I come!


Patrice said...

am I the only one who cannot see your video posting?

Patrice so so sad!

Maureen said...

Cool! I'll go check out the blog.

Mick said...

Thanks! Im Glad you liked the postcard, and DO come visit! Make a trip out of it! We'll go thrifting You should come to the Party this summer if you can swing it! : )

Mick said...

You have no idea HOW happy I feel when I scroll through and see my postcards on peoples blogs! : )

Mom Walds Place said...

I love it!!! The vintage everything is great, but the best part was no "to-do" list in sight.

Can we all come? I'll bring the movie candy, and maybe I can fins some NiHi soda!