Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A few of my favorite places...and Pyrex!

I'm working 31 hours this week and for someone who hasn't worked in 2 years; thta is a lot! What keeps me going is the thought of going to the shore....
So here are a couple of my favorite places!

                                                              Old Orchard Beach
When I was small my parents brought me to Ogunquit and OOB was considered amazingly tacky, french canadian and a big nono!
I started going to OOB because I found a great motel that's really affordable and great restaurants that just serve good affordable food (no nouvelle cuisine big chichi). I fell in love with the place. I don't go on the boardwalk (eeewww) and I don't go to the bars.

The famous Pier.

I remember that at one point there was an aquarium at the end. It's long gone. there also was a big dance hall where big bands would play, gone. Today you have bars,fast food places and games.
I still love to look at it from afar...

The Scarborough salt marsh
A great place to take walks or ride your bike. It is the largest salt marsh in North America.

Al's Seafood
Ok I admit this one is not in OOB, Maine. This is on rte 1, between Porthsmouth and Hampton Beach. They have the best lobster roll (and largest), best lobster stew and the fried food is to die for! Fried oysters anyone? Half is a restaurant and half is a lobster pound. The seafood is soooo fresh! YUM!

 Here's a recently found small 401 Americana bowl hanging out with the rabbit in my shade garden.


This is a small Colonial Mist  401 bowl. I have been hunting for one for around 6 months. Oh I found some but the price was too high or the shipping was crazy! I got it for .99cents and the shipping was less than 10.00$! Good for me!

Now one of my bloggyland friends; Linda @ A La Carte is having some giveaways to celecrate her upcoming birthday and guess what? She loves Pyrex too!

Last but not least I'd like to welcome my 55th follower, a fellow canadian Lydia from Koby's Cache. She has lovely depression glass! Welcome Lydia!


KobysCache said...

Thanks for the lovely welcome! I have fond memories of the beach as well. Missisquois Bay, Lake Champlain, and Plattsburg Beach. Ahh, the picnics we would have...
Love your blog - and I like seeing how others search for missing pieces to their collections. (like me with my primary set of bowls; Red and Blue elude me.) Enjoy your spring day!

Douce France..... said...

I hope you will enjoy your road trip!
I love the blue Pyrex, lovely design! Me I am looking for a Milk Glass cake stand, they are too expensive.

Linda said...

Love the beach and love seeing new places! Maine is amazing and the lobster...yum! I love your blue bowl and the other one looks great with the rabbit! LOL! Thanks for the shout out! I am having such a good time with the Birthday giveaways!

Linda @ A La Carte

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Hey you! I guess you speak French, then? Did I ever tell you that I listen to French Language CD's in my car - just to learn? Just cause I wanna? And have for a few years?

And I'm not very good at all. Although I read it much better then when I 'hear' it for some reason

Do you think thats weird?

Vonlipi said...

Tracy! tu es pleine de surprises!

Bien sur que je parles francais, c'est ma langue maternelle. Ici au Québec on a des meilleurs emplois quand on est bilingues.

Bonne journée!

Maureen said...

Have a wonderful time! Oh, and if you get down Route 1 into the Portsmouth / Hampton area, you might want to take a trip along Route 4 (aka antique alley). I drove along it two weeks ago but was on a limited time schedule so I couldn't stop - boohoo. They were shops of all kinds.

Mick said...

Von Lip! I was in a thrift store ysterday and I spotted a a Pyrex loaf pan, it was a pinkish red color, and thought of you.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

V - Yeah well, I'm totally answering that in English because if you think I spell bad in English my French spelling on top of the fact that my French itself is not so good, is even worse.

So yes, this is what i got out of that without - ya know, google translate -

Yeah, lol, I bet I am :)
I guess I never mentioned that.

I had a feeling you probably were bilingual being that a lot the recipes you do in both english and french but I dont know, it never came up. I didnt know if it was just the way they were known in your area , and than you did a translation.

Thanks for the well wishes what I really need is some bonne chance... :) I get sort of stuck I suppose which is why I sort of started buying french magazines at one point from borders - and than I realized reading is much easier. Listening is actually pretty hard and I found I could fumble through quite a bit even if it took me alot of time...

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

If I could read instead of listen, I meant.

Mom Walds Place said...

It is amazing to me how a beach frozen under several feet of ice can be so welcoming a couple of months later. Living in the north makes you appreciate beaches more I believe.