Monday, May 17, 2010

Smell of Spring

First off, I'd like to welcome my 53th follower ; Karryann @ Gracefully Vintage . Great blog! I wish I could re-upholster a chair like that! ENVY!

Not only everything outside looks bright and shiny in Spring but the smell is heavenly too. I couldn't help myself and I picked some lilac over the weekend.The house smells amazing!

I placed the branches in a Cut Flowers vase made by US Glass. This vase belonged to Dan's grandma, so it's quite old but I couldn't find more precise manufacturing dates.
The color is known as marigold and it reminds me of FireKing's peach lustre.

Here's a closer look at the vase

The flowers are wheeled cut while the rest of the details are formed by the mold.
It was thought to be a Jenkins at first but it has appeared in US Glass catalogs.

Now a couple of weeks ago while visiting my Dad, I spied the same vase but clear. He offered it to me and being the glassware lover that I am I could not turn it down....Dad told me he saw it in the Fry guidebook and that he would send me the page. I'll post about it upon reception.

So following the anticlutter rule: When you bring something in, something must come out. I gave one of my cheap modern vase to the church basement. The wheels of junk are turning....What's trash for me is a teasure for someone else....

By the way...I'll be leaving bright and early on saturday morning and heading to Maine for the weekend! OH JOY! OH BLISS! Mr Gallop (inventor of the GI diet) will be taking time off as well! Lobster,fried clams, Bill's pizza,fudge,caramel corn will all find their way in my greedy little hands...And I'll be working off the calories scouring all the fleas I encounter! My mission? Sucking out what's left of Pyrex on the eastern seaboard!!!


Linda said...

Beautiful vase and of course the flowers are magnificent! I hope you find lots of Pyrex on your trip and you must share of course with me photos of your finds. You Pyrex loving follower!!

Linda @ A La Carte

Maureen said...

Lilacs and Lily of the Valley! Heavenly!

So you're headed to Maine this weekend. Funny because I'm going to Montreal for a week or so. We'll be like ships passing. Have fun!

Mom Walds Place said...

Your vase is lovely! Yes, please let us know.

It's good to have a plan, enjoy!

concretenprimroses said...

Lovely lilacs and vase. I'm going to Maine in June, then hopefully in July and August for swimming with a girlfriend or dh. Dh swims in the ocean and only one of my girlfriends. too cold for the rest :(

Mimi said...

I can smell the lilac from here!!!