Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Diet Recipes

Today's Retro Tuesday is brought to you by Family Circle March 1962. It seems excess weight has always been on women's mind and the magazines don't help!

Here we go, just in time for bathing suit season....

The Bargain Feast

Imagine spaghetti topped with a tomato rich sauce on your diet plate! It's true. And your dinner includes this colorful fruit compote invitingly big enough to double as salad and dessert (canned fruit in a bowl). Here's your portion: 11/4 cups or spaghetti with 3/4 cup savory sauce, meaty with low-calorie, high protein scallops (yes you read that right! scallops)-plus a sprinkling of grated cheese. Just see how generous it'll look on your plate, how teasing to your eye. Whole dinner: 460 calories
(I ain't putting brown spaghetti in my mouth,,,no way)

Meatloaf Hearty

Who'd ever guess that this bountiful meal was meant for waistline watchers? Each hefty serving of meat loaf counts as 2 slices- and what a bright new flavor team veal,cottage cheese and carrots make (yeah blah!). Salad is a whole tomato dressed with a tart dill-seasoned marinade. To rund out your dinner, you MAY (thanks for giving permission) have a full cup of steamed spinach, a raw vegetable nibble and a rich chocolaty dessert- yes complete with whipped cream..
Whole dinner: 350 calories (ok now I'm totally sceptic about that one...) This pic is definitely my favorite thanks to the lonely and surely peeled tomato all alone in her little dish and the horrid looking pudding, I crack up everytime I see them. 

Good for you Tempter

Chubbies and skinnies alike will polish off this gourmet liver-and-onion diner, with its coconut-capped custard (not pictured) for a sweet finish. Here the liver is cooked a new way-browned quickly , then simmered in a nippy french-dressing sauce. Serve along with 2 new potatoes and creamed peas and a small salad of watercress.
Whole dinner: 407 calories
I can't get over that they're using the terms chubbies and skinnies. That is so bad for our fragile self image.In the early versions of Weight Watchers you had to eat liver once a week (EEEEEWWWW). I can't stand the taste nor the texture so I guess I'll stick to the meatloaf!

All that talk of diet food just makes me want to eat this....

A whole pound of bacon! Salty,fat,smoky...DELICIOUS!
But wait! Even the bacon ads are sexists in 1962! Read the text: It's every man for himself when bacon snitchers get near the brown sugar cured flavor of Swift's Premium Bacon.
Well guys you better watch out because when I get a bacon craving I GET A BACON CRAVING and it ain't pretty. I'm the baconitor!!!

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Maureen said...

Grosse! Totally, absolutely grosse!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...


I just cringe when I see those catalogs for women in the back of mags with big letters that say,


I mean, geeeze right?

Mom Walds Place said...

These articles were for dieters, because they scare you off of food all together!

What's really sad is that this might have actually sounded like an improvement to the average menu. Was it really that bad?!

Mimi said...

I love this post! As you know, I am *attempting* to follow the 1972 WW program over at my blog. Yes--there is a once per week liver rule, but I cheat on that rule! From the looks of these pics, 1962 was even worse!!