Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Retro Tuesday: More Retro Ads

Turns out the magazines I picked up a couple of months ago @ Mrs Silverstone's lovely shop are an endless source of cool and weird ads!

Today's crop comes from LHJ March 1956. Here goes!

Ok EEEEEWWWW! Meat from a can! I'm always thinking those things are full of unmentionable mystery meat parts...You get the picture? No? How about nose and eyeballs and bits of bones and genitals?
Ok sorry about that but I felt like grossing you out lol!
So in this ad they want me to put the can in the fridge so the fat congeals and then cut it in rounds (or filets mignon pieces) and wrap them in bacon...Even if it's a known fact that bacon makes EVERYTHING yummy, I would need at least a pound around each thing to make it palatable....At least! Just saying!

Sorry about the scan quality on that ad. When LHJ was published, nobody figured out that one day in the future, far,far away (not Star Wars far away) people would scan their ads and that the mag was too big for the scan!
 As a young lady (about 18) I had a girlfriend who was (in my eyes) sooooo sophisticated (she had her own apt) and she always had Cashemere Bouquet soap in the bathroom. OOH LALA!
The years past and I came to associate Cashmere Bouquet as cheap motel soap. Every motel I went to had it and it made my hands feel dry and icky!
So I found it funny and ironic that the ad touts it as a beauty soap to make your skin glow. Dry, flaky skin is so unattractive ladies!

Last but not least...DRUMROLL please!

Franciscan Ware in the Oasis pattern! Ok, ok it's not the starburst pattern but this is still amazingly nice! Notice how the husband doesn't give a hoot in what he drinks his coffee! Could be served in a coconut cup...as long as the misses is available for some afternoon delight! Must be the Cashmere Bouquet!

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I'm off outside to spray paint a new (to me) wicker hamper for my bath room.

Later my retro friends!


Charlotte said...

Great ads! I actually like the hash! Don't eat it as much since I started diet, but is good. Scramble some eggs with it. Yum!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh I covet Fransican - sigh. The meat thing is horrifiying but I'd eat it if it involved keep the plate and the plate was some form of fransican ware :)

and did you see my note? If you cant find that seasoning, ill mail you some....

Mimi said...

The hash actually looks pretty good! But I have been eating some pretty strange stuff lately, so don't listen to me!

Linda said...

I remember eating that hash as a kid and it wasn't bad! Of course now no telling what is in it! Love the Fransican Ware ad!!!

Maureen said...

Hahaha....afternoon delight!