Saturday, May 29, 2010

It Made It to the Front Page!

Yesterday I had an AMAZING day! Really!

First my triplets pic made it to the front page of Explore on Flickr! That sure was exciting, all the comments, the favorites!

And I was sooooo at ease at work! It was my first day alone with my boss and it went GREAT!

And I sold more in one day in my Etsy store than in whole months! And 2 people wanted the same bowl lol. You know how  that works: The early bird catches the bowl!
So I have a lot of packing to do later this evening! Right now I'm guzzling some coffee and getting ready for a big church basement sale and some Ontario thrifting later!
(since I sucked all the Pyrex from the eastern seaboard...I might as well try to do the same in Ontario! Althought my friend Erin @ Toronto Yard Sale Snoop is doing a pretty good job so far...)

Oh and before I forget...Welcome Olga! Thanks for following! I'm so 58th follower! Go check out her blog  Olga's Home & Garden Blog for some super thrifty way to grow lettuce! It's true! Try it out, I know I will!