Friday, May 21, 2010

Lélélé It's FRIDAY!

Well I survived my first night shift at the postal counter! 1 to 9 . Yiiiiipppppeeee! Just one more before the ROADTRIP!

I'm already planing what places I'll be visiting and yes Dad, I'm also thinking of what I'll be eating! Fisherman's plater anyone?
I'll be stoping at the pie shack in the mountain. I blogged about it HERE (way back when about 3 people read me) and HERE.
 I'm looking forward to breakfast in Colebrook, NH at Howard's and the Undercover Flea Market in Oxford Maine. I found some great Pyrex there over the years....The last 2 years I spotted a small primary green 401 bowl that is graduated inside like a measuring cup....It's un-marked but definitely the Pyrex shape....I passed it up because of the price....Will I bring it home to play with the rest of the 401s????

I'm also hoping for some lawn,yard and garage sales on the way down.... Actually I'm opened to ALL thrifting opportunities! Since I started peddling stamps, I haven't been to the Salvation I'm like a junkie...I NEED A FIX! (Will A&E make a new tv show, a cross between Intervention & Hoarders?)

I was hoping to see some lupines in the mountains but it's way too early. Mine are just starting thinking about flowering, which means I'll be able to enjoy them in about a week. I couldn't find pics to share with instead I give you

Echinacea! One of my favorite perennials They are usually very sturdy, but i find that the new fancier variety are more susceptible to die during the winter. So far I've lost 3 Sunrise (pale yellow) and 2 Sunset (orangey red) echinaceas, and those puppies don't come cheap! The sturdiest of the fancy pants varities are PC brand (yes my canadian friends President Choice!) and less expensive as well!

That pic was taken about 2 years ago in July. In the background you can see Pink delphinium, next to it is some dark Pink lupines (at right) and left of the delphinium you can see penstemon and in front some brown eyed susans.

A close up of the pink delphiniums.

Those dark blue (purple) delphinium are my favorite! I started them from seed about  12 years ago and they are still going strong! They are more beautiful every year! So I'm really looking forward to those!

Today I'll be joining Fertilizer Friday @ Tootsie Time .Hop on there for some beautiful blooms!


LC said...

I really enjoy fences in the garden... all kinds work for me... yours creates a nice backdrop for your perennials! Larry

Sherrie said...

Beautiful blooms! Love those Delphiniums, very nice. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Beautiful... and fertilizer friday still cracks me up to no end. But than I have the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy,


Linda said...

Pretty flowers! Love gardens and the fence is perfect! Can't wait to see what you find on your road trip.

KobysCache said...

What a beautiful backyard to relax in! And impromptu tea party, or BBQ perhaps...
Enjoy your road trip, I plan on planting more of our garden - yes, PC blooms and veggies - they are the best!

Maureen said...

Everything looks great. I have no luck with Delphinium. Which is bummer because I love them. Don't know why - we're just not on speaking terms.

Bon Voyage Valerie! Have fun!

noel said...


you have beautiful spring blooms coming out today, i love the delphiniums by the fence

thanks for sharing it today

Paula said...

YOur delphiums are amazing - mine are only about 1o inches tall! They bloom much later thanks for sharing, Paula in IDaho

Anonymous said...


Tootsie said...

oooh!!! I love the photos!!! your gardens are gorgeous already! I wish mine were that far fact I wish mine were not all covered in old bed sheets right
thanks so much for joining in today...I hope to see more very soon!

siteseer said...

I love that deep purple in a garden. Your gardens are beautiful.