Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Appliances...

Good morning and welcome to this week's edition of Retro Tuesday! In light of my recent appliance woes, I decided to go back in time to see what the washers looked like back then....
But instead I found this: 

This one is courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens 1941.
I choose that pics because of the Pyrex (a subject close to my heart!). On the stove you have the iconic Flameware teapot. I love this teapot the design is fabulous and it is sturdy despite being made of glass, in true Pyrex tradition. It is perfect to brew some those tea blooms that are so fashionable right now. And next to it you have a realtively unknown but revered among true connaisseurs piece, that weird coffee pot. It seems it takes a master's degree to make good coffee in this, but it's supposed to make THE best coffee. These are quite expensive in good condition (around 100$).


No Pyrex here! I love these stoves and I have seen some people on Flickr who still uses them. How fab is that?

But still no washer...instead

This is gorgeous dispited being Pyrex-less! And the freezer is on the bottom like a lot of the fridges today.
I'm always fascinated by the fact that there was no plastic wrap on anything, hey it existed! That pic is from the LHJ 1962. About the freezer being on bottom...N-E-V-E-R-A-G-A-I-N! I thought I would find things easier, but no. And I think I saw some cat hair in there (EEEWWW and LOL at the same time). The only plus is that I have a light in the freezer....

And then I find this....

Can you see the color? Robin's egg blue! SWEET! And you can get the pair in pale green! This is from 1956. I'll take the blue ones please!

But this is ,in my eyes, the motherlode!

Besides the fridge (far left), the one piece stainless steel counter boasts 4 appliances! From left to right: A washer and dryer combo, a dishwasher and a stove! And Pyrex! I spy with my little eye a Primary green 403 bowl and a yellow Utility dish (lasagna size).
S'cuse me do you make this in Aqua or Pink? Yes? I'll take it!

I spent part of last evening with a measuring tape checking out washer and dryers at Sears. Call me oldfashioned but I like buying my appliances in stores like that.I learned some very interesting things about the new front loaders....First they take a lot of space, that I don't have. I live in an older house and would need to put a new addition to fit them in. Since I wash my comforters (cat hair) I can't have a washer with self regulating water level; the comforter acts like a sponge and the machine keeps filling up and filling up until the comforter is so heavy that the machine won't spin. And you can't find a dryer with a low Energy Star rating.

So the new ones will be here on Saturday!

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I already linked you! I loved this post, it was great and I have the same issue with new applainces! I don't have an older home but my home was built with 'just' enough room for the appliances that they had which were bottom of the line small.

So my washer was replaced with basically the same, fridge - ditto.

Id have to gut the place to make changes.

And I didnt know that about the comforters and water levels but that explains alot of whats going on in my washers and about the flood I had - by the way

Linda said...

Love these wonderful ads and of course the PYREX! Love to see them in ads! The new appliances are huge! I guess I'm just old fashioned myself.

Maureen said...

I love this stuff! Although being the annoyingly practical person that I am, I probably wouldn't buy it. Love the colors though.