Monday, December 13, 2010

No Santa I don't want that!

It seems that every flyer I look at ,has at least one of it in it. It is one of the 'MUST HAVE' gift of the season! And it is very chic!

The one cup at a time coffee machine. I think there's basically 2 kinds. The Keurig and the Tassimo.



So they brew a perfect cup of coffee each time, that is what their commercials tell us. They run between 99$ and 200$.YIKES! Remember when you could buy at coffee maker for 25$ ?

Maybe the coffee they produce is totally addictive....I can't judge, I had only one cup of coffee from a machine like that, it was good and strong.

What really gets me is the price of these little darlings....the K-cups....They come in a gazillion of flavors, tea and hot cocoa too! I bet you could find some hot buttered rhum too!

   I have seen them in stores for 8.99 for a dozen. It's perfectly fine if you drink one cup of coffee a day and you're single. So we got thinking, and that is always dangerous! lol
We drink 4 cups of coffee each a day, that is 8 a day; multiply that by 7 days and you get 56 cups of glorious java (and that is not counting the extra celebratory , this is the weekend,I love you, it's Xmas cups of coffee).
Ok so let's be conservative and say 56 cups per week. That means I would have to buy 5 boxes of K-Cups a week. That is 44.95$ plus taxes.

You can buy a caroussel to store your K-cups for 24.95$

Now back to the math! Ok so for a week it would cost us roughly 45$, which means that for a month it would be 180$. So for a year it would be 2160$, holy moly! That is a lot of moolah! We could go on vacation with that money! Now the coffee we drink costs 14.49$ a big can, sometimes less if on sale. It lasts for a month, here goes the math again! So for a year of perfectly acceptable coffee it costs  173.88$.

Ok, ok let's say 200$ because once in a while I buy flavored coffee on vacation to drink here. Like New England Coffee (Pumpkin Spice), guess what? They don't ship to Canada! !"/$%?&*(

And that is why I don't want Santa to put one under the tree!

Oh  before I forget! One of my bloggy pals the very thrifty Missouri Michael from Cul De Sac Shack is having a 100th follower giveaway; so just click on the link to participate!

Have a great day!


thought/found said...

Ugh, I'm right there with you on this one. But then, I've never been one for expensive gadgets that do ONE thing. And making tea AND coffee doesn't meant that these thing can do more than one thing, in my books! I guess these things are convenient, but since when does boiling water and then throwing it through a coffee filter or over a tea bag take a lot of time?!?! And don't even get me started on the excess garbage created by the pittance of extra convenience...

Keetha Broyles said...

I think so many things they show on TV and say are "must have gifts" are hooey.

However - - - should you REALLY wish to enjoy a small coffee maker, my Fisherhubby got one for MUCH LESS THAN THAT, and neither of those two brands, at Wally's place - - - I believe you know the place of which I speak.

His makes about 2 cups, but he can easily drink two and if not, I sometimes drink the other.

Merry Christmas!

Sale-ing in Denver said...

back when i had a "real" job, i worked in a law office and we had the keurig machines. everyone thought they were so great, but i could never get past the incredible waste associated with all those little cups that hold the coffee. i imagine a whole land fill full of just those things! plus, coffee grounds work wonders in your compost pile - i would miss that if i gave up my "regular" coffee pot. also, unless you are going to hook it up to your water line, you will constantly be filling it with water. all good reasons to stick with my normal joe.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think they are expensive, wasteful if you really drink more then a couple of cups a day and I also have trouble getting past the packaging waste!

ana @ i made it so said...

whenever i hear "must have" i think to myself it probably isn't. thanks for doing that math, i enjoyed that by the way :) as for those machines, the thought of hot water running through the plastic isn't very appetizing. i use a french press with organic ikea coffee, cheap and good :)

P. said...

I totally agree with you, but some people have to spend their money on something. Me? I just bought a brand new Rival coffee maker from Walm@art for $6.00 (in which I brew tea).

Thrifted Treasure said...

Hah a, what's the bets you find one at a thrift store and can't resist ;-) I've fallen in love with an Ilve retro style coffee machine, but it costs over $1,000 and I don't even drink coffee!

kimybeee said...

my husband got a keurig last year for christmas and my cousin has one as well! they are awesome - i don't drink coffee, but i do like hot chocolate and it is very good. you can buy the little filter basket thingy and use regular canned coffee in the machine too - the others could just be a treat if you want. my mil also has one and she buys the kcups online and gets all kinds of cool flavors cheaper than you can buy them in the store. they are worth the money in my book cause they don't have to be cleaned - just wipe off the machine and done!!!

kimybeee said...

i never read anyone else's comments before i comment on a blog, cause i like to form my own opinion. as far as the waste goes, the kcups are very thin and the top is foil. it punches a tiny hole in the top and bottom and you don't have any mess. my husband usually drinks one or two cups on most days here at home. when he is off and it is very cold - sometimes he drinks four or five. his maker came with lots of cups to start with and the mil keeps him stocked. we have a spinner, but we keep the extra cups in one of the cardboard box in the cabinet.

i think it is a convenience instead of a must-have item. my sister bought it for my husband because she knew he would enjoy it - not because he asked for one!

happy coffee drinking!!

Vonlipi said...

I'm so glad I had comments from both sides that is sooo cool!

I'm also glad somebody thought of inventing a mini filter so you can use regular coffee too!