Saturday, December 11, 2010

Success! Release the Kraken!!!

Ok I did have success yesterday @ the Salvation Army. About the Kraken....I just wanted to write that because it's one of my fave things to say....I have been known to shout: RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! In public spaces and it's soooo satisfying! try it!

Now about the Xmas light saga...If you're not up to speed, Click HERE! I managed to find quite a few replacement bulbs on my visit; it was like everyone and Santa got rid of the old fashionned lights....

Here's my haul. Unfortunatly most of them are transparent....I need more opaque bulbs!

 Well at least this gives me purpose. I had this talk with Dan tonight about my job hunt...and the fact that I'm really tired lately. It might be that because I deal with a lot of rejection,  I spend a lot of my energy to push back the darkness. I'm extraordinary and I know my worth; so please,please,please send a good job my way!

Here's the rest of it. 105 gift tags for .69 cents, 6 new red and white checkered mason jar lids for .69 cents, a never been used Tupperware microwave pot for .99 cents (this was a START THE !"/$%?&* CAR!!! moment, because those are worth a fortune!), and a vintage Xmas napkinthat I have no idea what I paid for....but it fills my NEED for vintage Xmas.

As I was digging through boxes of sticky garlands and greasy ornements; I kept thinking that xmas ornements are usually sad; they are meant for joy and cheer and they get discarded as soon as they are judged not in fashion anymore. The worst are the garlands! They keep weird smells cooking grease and cigarette smoke. Anywoo, my hands were so eeeeewww when I got to the cash that I could barely open my wallet! I saw this girl totally unaware of the eeewww factor of the salvation army (and thrifting in general) that she was rubbing her eyes at the cash, I was too late to tell her not to do that she would be FULL of the dreaded PI NK EYE in the morning!
I have been there people, I have scratched my fave in the Salvation and was all swollen for hours!

Next week more Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Santa and recipes!

Keep your hands clean and don't scratch your eyes! :)

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Yeah for the light bulbs! I have one of those tupperware baking dishes and I love it. I use my small one like that all the time. I have a few other pieces, but that one is my fav and 99 cents...SCORE!