Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye Bye 2010

Well well well, another year gone by. Time does fly the older you get. That is a totally freaky concept!

2010 had it's bad moments: think PCOU (postal counter of unjoy), having to reconnect with family members I hadn't seen in 30 years when my mother passed-That is for another post. No wonder I hadn't seen them in 30 years, I saw a lot of judgement in their eyes, people you never knew the whole story.

But it had it's great moments too: I spent 2 weeks in Maine (one of my all-time favorite places), I got a job (PCOU), we have less debt than before, we finally re-did the hall, I lost 30 pounds, I made great friends, I feel so much better about myself both physically and mentally (it's true what they say about the 40's). The Dan meister and I are more in love today than 20 years ago.
I got interviewed about Pyrex for a Toronto newspaper, One of my pics made it to Explore on Flickr. I conquered roast beef,turkey and creme brulée. All nuggets of JOY!
 I measure my life in joy. If I mostly remember joy than the year was a success! I try to find joy everywhere I can, it's what keeps me going!

Xmas Eve appetizer: Cheese fondue with green salad. Vintage Xmas tablecloth, vintage salad plates, Pyrex bowls and zero alcool bubbly.

The 2010 vintage scene was amazing! But not a lot of Pyrex...
Oh well better luck next year!

For 2011 I want a great job where they will appreciate me and my work and where I will make a decent salary (no minimum wage). I might get a call in January....
I want to hop back on the weight loss bandwagon, my journey is not done!
I want to overhaul the flower borders; there's a lot of mayhem there, tons of weeds!
I want to read more, watch less TV (like that could happen!)
And redo the living room/dining room. We have a paint color chosen and a new vintage couch so we need to get a move on!

That's yours truly with the pie bear of Puzzle Mountain Bakery in Maine (near Poland Springs).

Wishing you a great New Year! May all your dreams,resolutions, projects and whatnot come true. May you have the strenght to follow trough.
But most of all Merry Thrifting and use your Pyrex!  


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Happy New Year to you! It's been a very good year for me and I look forward to 2011 and an even better one! Yes to the Pyrex! hugs, Linda

Mom Walds Place said...

Hey Luv! I'm not usually one for New Year's posts. Obviously, 'cause today's is about vintage dishes.

However, yours is fabulous! It's peppy, it's upbeat, it's not in denial about the POU or whatever. You've maybe even inspired me to do one tomorrow, maybe.

YOU have a fabulous weekend, you deserve it!

Douce France..... said...

Bonne Année! All the best for 2011! I am going throught that 40 thing, looking for job too. But I want to be happy first of all.
Take care and hoping to meet you again!

Mimi said...

Happy Thrifting to you too! Hope you get everything you wish for in 2011, my friend. xo!

De tout, de rien said...

Your present post and my present post are eerily similar in recapping the past year: passing of a family member, weight loss, happy events, Pyrex, etc. I didn't mention it in my post but I too conquered a turkey for the first time in my life this Christmas, lol! (The turkey didn't put up much of a fight, mind you!)

At our stage of life, we have learned to roll with the punches and gotten better at noticing what really matters.

Happy New Year to you and yours and I look forward to reading you in 2011!

Maureen said...

I sounds like you 'grew' a lot in 2010 and in my eyes the best kind of year.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

That was a great post! I should have done something like this too but I wasn't feeling all that well so I kind of punkied out...sigh. You rock honey!