Saturday, January 1, 2011

You Sick of Turkey Yet?

Well I'm beginning to be sick of turkey. Since I made it on Dec 27th, we had some everyday classic style: turkey,stuffing,cranberry sauce yadayada....

And as soon as it was cool enough, I deboned it, vaccum packed some dark meat for Dad and some white meat for us (then I freezed it) and made stock with the carcass. But you know how it is....we still had a lot to eat!

So last night I decided to make Indian Butter Turkey! This is such a nice change from traditionnal leftover recipes.

Ok I put tape on the enveloppe so I could share it with you. I can find those in most supermarkets now. There is a ton of variety from chinese cuisine, indian cuisine to vietnamese delicacies. Those sauces are not only authentic but at about 1.50$  affordable as well.

You just need to follow the instruction on the packet for a fast and tasty meal; I served mine with basmati rice and steamed broccoli. Oh so tasty!

Last night we had a small New Year's eve get togheter so I brought 2 super sweet holiday desserts.

Those are Gran-mimi's recipe. Maple tartlets. 

And my mother-in-law's  fruit squares, shown here in a Charcoal Snowflake Pyrex casserole all ready to be gobbled up.

Today I played coach potato all day. I watched tv,I read, I napped you get the picture!

Have a great evening :)  


De tout, de rien said...

I loooove butter chicken (or turkey as the case may be). I also serve it with Basmati rice, but with President's Choice whole wheat Naan bread too to sup up every bit of that sauce!

Those maple tarts look yummy!

Maureen said...

Looks good! You reminded me that I haven't had basmati in a while - I love the earthy flavour!

Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water said...

Where did you get that spice packet? I would love to cook more Indian cuisine, but the spices are sooo many. A pre packaged packet is just what I need. Thanks for following and entering my giveaway. Good luck!

Vonlipi said...

Amanda I got the spice packet @ Maxi & cie but it's in Québec.

Here's the link so you could find it in your neck of the woods.