Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unscheduled Thrifting

Picture this....I was invited to take some tests on saturday for a job I applied on. They need my diploma. I turned the house upside down and did not find it....

So I had to go to my old college to get it. So I took the train, the metro and the bus yesterday morning.

Collège Jean de Brébeuf

I spent many a lunch hour sitting on those steps.

The place was like a fortress. I had to go through a gard station, state my business and get a visitor's pass. Since all the school killings it is the norm.
I tried to take some pics inside but the lighting was shit and I couldn't hang around too long because I could see people were suspicious of me.
The whole thing took less than 10 minutes, after while looking for a bathroom, I took the opportunity to check the place out. I studied in Arts & Communications. Nothing in that department had changed, same paint, same linoleum, same furniture as 28 years ago. Freaky!

After I took the bus back to the Metro and I realize that it was near some ethic grocery stores ! PARTY!

This I saw in a vietnamese grocery. Talk about fusion! Mexican corn tostadas,chinese cookies and italian biscottis.


This is probably one of the worst wine ever produced. I didn't even know it was still being produced.It's sweet,pink and bubbly. Back in the day, a lot of people I knew would drink copious quantities of this and proceed to be sick. Graduation anyone?

Of course no trip to Montreal is complete without a stop at the Salvation Army...

I really liked this chair, but we have no room, sniff!

A tableful of sewing machines 

An Ice-O-Matic ice crusher (everybody needs one NOT)

A blender. I don't know what happened to that little guy but part of the insides were coming out from the front!

I love picking up Xmas stuff in January because nobody wants it, hehehe!

A cute aluminum tea pot for the store 

And a cool oj pitcher for the store as well.
Needless to say Pyrex was no where to be seen...oh well! Better luck next time!


Sherry said...

Love that chair and the coffeepot!

SusieQT said...

Oh my goodness- I may have to buy that OJ pitcher from you- I have the matching glasses! I'm in the process of getting my etsy store up too!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You had a fun adventure and of course add thrifting and its really good! Love that chair also and the OJ pitcher and the teapot...awesome!

Tara Beaulieu said...

That OJ pitcher is so cute, sort of a fancy version of an anchor hocking one I have. Something about serving juice in a pretty pitcher that just makes your day start out brighter! :)

Douce France..... said...

Good luck for the job!
My mom always has to have a Baby Duck for her wedding anniversary. I tought they had stop making it!
I should not tell her about it, I would have to go buy some.
Did you stop at the Army on Sherbrook? We go take a look when I visit my in-laws. We should go have a coffee together before you start working!
Have a nice day,

De tout, de rien said...

OMG! I thought Baby Duck was dead in the water! (Bad pun, I know!) People who knew nothing about wine (like a lot of us back in the day) thought it was the epitome of style to drink Baby Duck. LOL!