Sunday, January 23, 2011

Before Pyrex

Yes there was life before I discovered Pyrex! It seems that I've always collected's genetic.

As a small girl there was the ladybug collection, the button and Barbie collection. One summer vacation in Portugal I would hoard all the sugar packets I could get my sticky little hands on....I would give some to an ant colony that lived in a tree in the yard of our hotel. I'm sure the owner was thrilled about that one.

There was the mineral bottle label collection in Italy. I had help from my Dad (my companion in hoarding). We would stick them in a little booklet much to my mother's dismay. I knew from her face that she found this sooooo distasteful. It was FUN!

The old glass medicine bottle collection, I still have that one, it's quite small. I've been strongly encouraged not to expand that one....

And the BIG collection before Pyrex....taking more room than Pyrex (could that be possible?).

The Dept 56 Xmas village collection! Actually this collection has 2 branches: The Dickens Village and the Original Snow Village. It all started in 1995....I was working downtown and not too far, in Old Montreal, was a Xmas boutique. OMG! It was quite exotic at that time here in Qu├ębec. Now you have some all over.

My Dad was definitely an enabler in that one too. We love them all but can't display all of them each year. So In late November, I go-a-digging and pull out a couple of pieces and make vignettes.

Makes me want to build snowman!

How about a warm bowl of soup?

I had 2 more tableaux but the lighting was really awful and no matter how hard I tried , the pics came out awful. So maybe next year!

So that's it for today, I gotta get ready for my dance lesson! Happy Sunday :)


AmyC ~ said...

Interesting, Sunday Morning did a bit on collectors being 'genetic'.

I too collected Barbies (after 2 boys, I ended up giving them to Toys for Tots several years ago).

I think collecting has a lot to do with History.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I don't think there is enough room to share all my collections over the years and of course I still have them somewhere!

Maureen said...

The Campbell's Soup thingy is cool!

De tout, de rien said...

You could say in my case that I have a collection of collections... ;^)

(Stamps, vintage Barbies, Pyrex, Hallmark ornaments, pears...)

Jim said...

Before Pyrex....let me see.....Depression glass, Carnival glass, jadite anything, old photos.....