Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Vintage Xmas finds and Baking

Yesterday was one of the BEST short roadtrip ever! It was Xmas,the 4th of July and my birthday all rolled up into one! We went to Massena, NY wich is just 2 bridges accross Cornwall, Ont.

Our first visit to Massena was depressing vintage wise, but this time I was hot on the trail of New England Coffee seasonnal blends and Seasonnal Coffee Mate. We went to Hannaford and it was like an amusement park! More on that tomorrow or Thursday. Right now let's stay in retro mode because it is Tuesday afterall!

I found those Santa light cover at my favorite church basement . 25cents for 6

A vintage cookie tin and a honeycomb centerpiece decoration, a quarter each. I also found a clear Pyrex 043 lid for a quarter. I got those at St-Vinnies.

I saw this cute guy @ Corwall's Value Village....I left him there!

I picked up this instead....A lovely Pyrex RW platter in Laurel. The price was too good to be true, 1.99$  

In case you good folks wouldn't believe me,lol
The pricing people had no idea what they had, and that is perfectly fine with me :)

I don't know if these snowmen are vintage but they are really cute and at 1.00$ for a strand I could not leave it there. The Salvation Army opened a new store in Cornwall with a bargain loft....good deals are to be had!

 Ok last but not least....I was going through old photos this morning and found one of myself 30 years ago, YIKES! I remember that afternoon well, it was December and I decided to bake cookies with my Snoopy apron, bought in 1977 in Kennebunk, Maine. I stil have the apron by the way.
Too bad Polaroid pics don't really age well, my mom took that picture.

This is my mom's kitchen, she was soooo proud of it. This takes me back.
This afternoon I'll be making caramel corn and trying not to eat it all myself!



The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I'm so ridiculously behind. But I wish I could find the things you find - even the pink dog! LOL

And Ive never seen christmas pyrex wow!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh I am so glad your road trip was a success. I love the Pyrex platter...SCORE!! The vintage Santa's are great also. I love that photo of you making cookies. How fun to have that.

De tout, de rien said...

I love your Pyrex platter, did you almost keel over to find something that cheap at VV?

I really dig the wallpaper in your picture! So retro! Nice picture.