Friday, December 3, 2010

Wrapping Situation!

Every year it's the same scenario; when I go to my wrapping paper stash, I find it boring and uninspiring....So when I saw a sale at .59 cents a roll in a drugstore flyer,  I couldn't help myself.
So yesterday I hop on my bike and head to the drugstore. It's a new drugstore and there's hardly ever any customers. Since I discovered Shopper's has crazy high prices; trust me I had time to check...I've decided to shop at the little new drugstore.
So I find one roll advertised at .59c with big shiny red & green ornements and then I see the same patterns as in the ad...little snowmen on a lime green background and another with red,green & white stripes. I grab one of each. So I'm at the cash and the same 2 patterns as advertised scan for 1.99 each, I pulled out my flyer and pointed the ad to the cashier. She called the assistant manager who proceeded to tell me that the patterns were for demonstration purposes only and the rolls I'd picked had twice as much paper...yada,yada,yada she couldn't do anything about it and left.
At that point I turned to the cashier and said: look as a consumer, I see the patterns in the ad they're .59 cents a roll, there's no mention of quantity i want them at .59c! I'm here because I'm boycotting Shopper's Drug Mart! So she called the manager who told me the same crap, and I told her, there's nothing specified in the ad....
So after waiting 30 minutes and thinking I can't believe that a struggling store is willing to loose a potential customer for 2.80$, the manager came back and I got the rolls at .59c! Boy was I tired after that! lol

But not too tired to finish installing Xmas lights outside!

Here's Robbie the Reindeer and a still unnamed snowman that I rescued this summer from my neighbors trash. Hey it works great! You know what they say: If it's free, then it's for me!

This little guy sits near my front door with the metal sign I bought at the Christmas Tree Shop in October.

And i had time to make a speedy chicken pot pie for supper! In Pyrex of course!

I also had time to make a specail batch of B-Day cupcakes for Dan and I even shot a short video but was unable to load it up. Rats!
 I must say that for the 3rd of December I'm pretty up to date on my Xmas tv shows/movies watching. So far I caught Scrooged (how can you not AMC is showing it for 4 days), Hoe the grinch stole Xmas (the original) and Shrek the halls. This weekend I plan to watch A Christmas Story on dvd, it was one of Dan's B-Day gifts....and maybe Home Alone.

Tomorrow I'll be drawing the name of the winner of my Totally Awesome Holiday Giveaway

Good luck to everyone!

Have a great weekend! 


Sale-ing in Denver said...

i love A Christmas Story - even after seeing it 100 times or so, I still watch it at least once every year!

KobysCache said...

You go girl! I'm with you on that wrapping paper. I was a store manager for years, and I know what they can do for customer service. I always try to stand my ground, and teach my daughters to do the same. My hubby on the other hand... he's the IRATE customer kind of guy, so I tend to do the negotiating when required!
Your dinner looks yummy, and your un-named snowman has a brother in front of my house!

SixBalloons said...

Miss V, you made the right decision - in fact the Retail Council of Canada spells out that a customer is to be given the item for free when incorrectly barcoded/scanned in their system! (Items under $10). Check it out

SixBalloons said...

Woops, sorry this should be added to the end of that link (I think it got cut off):


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I agree, we have to fight for what is right! I hate these ad's and feel like it's bait and switch! Good for you!! Love that snowman! Makes me want a lighted guy out front!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Thank you for the card, Valerie!! I got it today. It put a smile on my face.
As for your gift wrap story... Go get 'em girl! Should I be boycotting SDM too? We bought some delicious sea salt and cracked pepper peanuts there the other night. Oh, why do the evil stores make such tasty things?
The little Mom and Pop drugstore down the road from us still had maxi pad belts for sale a couple of years ago. I didn't even know what it was until I took a closer look. LOL!

De tout, de rien said...

You go girl! You teach em how it's done! Boy you're one accomplished homemaker, getting deals on wrapping paper, whipping up chicken pot pie and cupcakes, and decorating all in the same day!

I find SDM super pricey too. I needed to buy iron pills. They were $12.99 at SDM, Costco had the same thing for $4.99!

A Christmas story is one of my top favourite movies! Love it, love it love it! Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra! You'll shooot your eye out!

And The Grinch cartoon is way up there too. Love its main message: "Perhaps Christmas doesn't come from a store? Perhaps Christmas means a little bit more." I wrote that in my Christmas cards one year.

Alyssa said...

Isn't that whole debacle just crazy? I've had similar things happen from time to time, and I always wonder what on earth the store can be thinking. Love that little reindeer, and your chicken pot pie looks yummy!