Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Food truck Wednesday

I wish I could do a regular feature on Wednesday about food trucks but the thing is I never know in advance which one will be near my job.

Today I had 2 and I choose the Phoenix 1 truck, why you might ask?

2 reasons really: They serve sandwhiches on naan bread and they are considered an underdog.

They got less publicity than some of the others, they don't tweet much....

I left late...I was stuck at work with a case I had to finish....I arrived at 11:30 am fearing a line up.

There was none!

Black and pink, cool!
                                         I had the tandoori chicken naanwhich

                                Sorry about the bluriness!
                                It was light yet filling, flavourful with a nice kick
Just what the doctor ordered in this crazy July heat.

My first but not my last!

Last week truck was fantastic but a once a month splurge calory wise, this I could get this every week!

I can't wait until they come near my job again!

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think food trucks rock! So fun that you can try them once in awhile!!