Saturday, July 20, 2013


Thank you friends for all your good wishes and love.

It was very appreciated.

This morning we packed the car with boxes and bags of donations and headed west to Brockville, Ontario.

Why Brockville? To tell the truth Dan thinks that this Salvation Army store is more deserving than the one in our area and they did sell me a Turquoise Snowflake casserole with lid for .50 I had to give back!

This time I found a barely used, unstinky,unscratched Tupperware for .50 cents. It is the kind you use to store food in the pantry

We had some of Don's Fish and Chips for lunch

                                             Promise of a tasty lunch

                                            The fish is so meaty and cooked to perfection; next time we just might skip the french fries and get more fish!

                                            Besides that no thrifty finds! But like the very wise Dan says...It might be a sign that we should purge the garden shed before we find more treasures....
I agree!
Tomorrow we have a program of getting rid of some invasive plants, relocating echinaceas and floating in the pool.

Life IS sweet! Thank you God for all the riches!!!


Maureen said...

Hey there V! Sounds like all is well.

Dan's plan sounds like a plan to me!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I too have been trying to purge before buying more stuff. Hard to do sometimes. Enjoy!


Jill said...

You're making me hungry for fish and it's only breakfast time!