Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Off the wanted thrifting list

I guess we all have our wanted thrifting lists. In fact I have several; one for Pyrex, one for mugs, one for glassware, another for lamps, blowmolds and the lists go on and on...

On June 29th 2013, I was able to tick off one of my wanted in the mug list.

I had been yearning for those for quite a while, but whenever I found them they were too expensive for my taste.

                              So I got 4 Glasbake soup mugs from the Gananoque Flea for $10.

                             Around here I usually see them for $10 each, so I feel good about the buy.

                            I had a pink one, really beat up from the Sally Ann, but as per the house needs to the church basement.

                         From that roadtrip I also  found some pillow cases and some old Mason jars.

                         All in all a good day. I should be able to post pictures for the next post

                        Be well and sleep tight :)

1 comment:

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the mugs and yes that is a good price!! I'm making a rule about something going out if something new comes in or I will not have room for things. It's hard but a must!!