Saturday, July 6, 2013

Porky deliciousness and off the bucket list

Some you win and some you loose....

On the winning side: The food trucks are back in Montreal after an absence of 66 years. The mayor who had them outlawed was Jean Drapeau and he found them tacky and unhygienic.

In late May 27 licenses were awarded and the trucks will rotate to 9 designated areas.

I have been very excited ever since their coming was advertised because I have been drooling over the Eat Street tv show.

I have been following their schedule because 2 of their stops are near my job....So last thrusday I chose

Camion Pied de Cochon (Pig's foot truck) which is an offspring of the very famous Pied de Cochon restaurant (Anthony Bourdain's favorite ever).

                               I arrived at 11:05 am just to be sure....

                              I had heard rumours of delays and long lines....

                                Oooh the windows are opened!

                               There is a savoury window and a sweet window.

                               The menu is small but decadent.

                               On the savoury side: The savoury donut; yes you read that right! Instead of a bun you have a donut , and it is split in 2 and stuffed with maple brine pork roast, ham and pig's tongue.
                               Add some ballpark mustard and onions and cheese (extra).
                              I never tasted the tongue....but the harmony of this was fantastic!  It tasted a bit of smoked meat or corned beef.
                             I was wise to bring a green salad from home to complete this; otherwise I would have felt stuffed if had the porky lunch box: The savoury donut, a fois gras poutine,a sweet donut and a maple soda.
                            I will be back to taste some of their other fare...
                                  Porky perfection!

                               Now to remove something from the bucket list....

                               I don't have a big bucket list...I'd like to take Dan to Paris and Italy, 2 places I was lucky enough to visit. But mostly I want to have enough money to pay the bills, renovate the house and put some aside.
                              There are something I've never eaten....Like a chili cheese dog
                              In Quebec those are called Michigans with cheese....
                              I had one last night....

Well like my mother used to say....
Nothing to write home about!
The sauce was too acidic, but bun should have been toasted and the dog too.
But the fries were fantastic as usual!
Be well!

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Jill said...

I laughed - nothing to write home about, I say that often!

Hope you get a chance to try more goodies from the food trucks!!