Monday, July 29, 2013

Surprise Thrifting

On Saturday there wasn't any plans for thrifting. We just went to Dan's daughther's place to measure windows and figure out what we needed to repair a wall and paint.

But I had to stop at Renaissance! Just so you know the weirdos from Thrusday night were all there on Saturday afternoon.

The employees are in the weirdo category as well...There's the lady that runs after you in the store to leave your bag at the cash (Heck the person that steels a $2 dollar shirt really needs it) and the cashiers that don't understand the cash register and the manager from France who knows everything and won't hesitate to correct your french. LOVELY!

                               I found the Butterfly Gold butterdish at Renaissance.
                               the Oxo mug I found somewhere else....

On our way back, Dan saw a giant sign advertizing a garage sale. This sale was amazing! It is the once a year unbelievable sale. It was in a hardware store that closed in the 80's judging by the merchandise.

                               Dead stock Androck utensils made in Canada.

A dead stock orange Thermos
and 2 lovely Federal bowls with green flowers.
 And a tackylicious Mushroom trivet
I still don't know what will stay and what will go in the Etsy store
Of course I still think about stuff I left behind...
There was so much! I could've gone every day for a week and buy stuff everyday.
But it was late in the day and the place is far from home so I got stuff that grabbed me.
Be well and keep thrifting friends! 

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the orange and green finds! Oh my so 70's!! Great thrifting!