Monday, July 26, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Antiquefest

A super warm Vonlipi's welcom to my 66th follower Monimania!
Saturday we got up early and bright eyed and bushy tailed with hit the road...Direction Morrisburg!

In my little bird brain I was under the impression  that it was going to be HUUUUGGGGE. Brimfield huge! If you've never hears of Brimfield check it out in the goes on forever. We'd even brought the buggy....just like in Brimfield!

Well my fantasies fell flat when I saw about a dozen tents by the river..Gorgeous site...12 tents....Oh well! We were here and we were going to have fun!

Hey Tracy! These are the applainces of your dreams! Pink all over!

I love those oil cans and they were reasonnably priced!

I did spot some Pyrex that I didn't have (the bigger yellow fridgie) but it was too expensive for my taste.

Check out the bowl with dots! That's not a Pyrex but an Hazel Atlas and it's just as sweet!

Antique shows attract a lot of characters...There was this guy pushing a baby carriage with a very large cat inside. Yes a cat! And he would show it around and answered questions. That was weird. Translation: I'm single, lonely and enjoy attention so I parade my cat.

You could also get some grub on site. It was fun, but being antique sellers the prices were too steep for me. So now I realize that I enjoy antique fairs but I want thrifty deals!

Do any of you know Map-O-Spread? That is one yummy treat! It's spreadable maple (artificially flavoured) butter. It is great on soda crackers or a warm buttered piece of toast! It was really glad to see this old tin bucket. Nowadays it's in small plastic tubs.

We pushed west and ultimately ended up at the Gananoque Flea market. This is a great place to make good deals.

Look what I saw....

It is a Pyrex Fireglow nesting bowl set. This is a pretty rare pattern from the 60's. Notice how the pale orange blends with the red.....DELICIOUS! And at 15$ for the 3 bowls it is quite a deal!
No I didn't take the bowls home with me....why? There is the space factor and I have the smallest one !

More on that road trip on another day! In the mean time do visit Tracy @ Crazy Suburban Mom for more Retro Tuesday fun!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love to look but usually the prices are too much for me. Still it can be a good outing!

Maureen said...

I hate when that happens! It really annoys me when they advertise as a barn sale...I've only been to one real barn sale and it was a blast.

SixBalloons said...

Wow, they must have been inspired by Le Creuset flame colour...

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG. That dotted bowl costs a fortune if you can find it and you're right about the pink appliances - the worst thing is that was my moms kitchen, laundry room...and her bathroom.

And I made the worst fun it it.

karma, sheeesh

陳v柯凡蕭珈火豐晏雄 said...