Saturday, July 10, 2010

Super Sweet Newspaper Ad

Yesterday while on my lunch break, I spied this super sweet ad in the newspaper...

Entire home contents including carpenter’s dream workshop & a basement & garage full of treasures. Hudson, Qc etc...

 Entire home content for sale! OH THE POSSIBILITIES! I told Dan about it...and what I got as a response was: Ok we'll go maybe we'll find a lamp to put in the hall.

We woke up much later than expected...rats! And were on our way around 10 (gasp! such a late hour for an estate sale!).

There was anything in the hall or the living room...where was all the good stuff? Not in the garage were all was left was an old hose and a couple of plastic pots....

But in the basement...

A recipe card cook book (1968 .50 cents), a vintage dry mustard tin (.25 cents), a paper back bestseller (.50 cents), a Biosta sprouter (hardly used $1) and a delicious Swiss made stainless steel fondue pot with the burner and forks (for the shop).
The fondue pot is super cute and I would've kept it for myself but I have a great Le Creuset one (a Xmas gift).

On the way back we stopped at a yard sale benefit for a pet shelter.

I'm all for raising money for a good cause BUT I'm sure they would raise SO much more if the prices were reasonnable. If it was me, I'd rather sell 50 items at 1$ than NO items at 25$...I'm sure you get my drift! we didn't buy anything but contributed a couple of bucks.

Remember people to get your pets spayed and neutered!
 I'm always floored by the vets prices. I have 4 cats and shots run around 120.00$ a year each! That's almost 500$ And what about the garden variety accidents? Well every time we go it's never below 100$ and the vets never know what is really wrong... So last time Pinotte (Peanut) had a big scab on the ear we disinfected the area twice a day for a week with Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash. It worked wonders!

I'm really happy to have found a Biosta sprouter. It works really well and you can get fresh sprouts all year long. I got my first one in 1988 and it was the same mode, nowadays these puppies sell new for 30$.
 Last year I found a used one at VV for 1.99$ it was in better shape than mine but still had minor issues...a leg missing, a cracked tray. This one is mintish!

And the mustard cool! I've been eyeing vintage spice tins but they get sooo expensive!

Besides that I've been decluttering like crazy! Hats, scarves,gloves!  How many pairs can we wear? We are sending a big bag to the church basement!

Was your weekend thrifty? warm,sunny, barbequiy? Rainy,boring?

Let me know, I love comments! :)


Leah said...

Love that fondue pot and sprouter so much! I walked around with a sprouter(still in the box) for about 15 minutes last week & put it back. Now, I wish I would have picked it up!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You didn't find a lot but what you found was good! Love that fondue pot! I also like that mustard tin! Very cool vintage. I stopped at a yard sale today and found a few goodies I will share sometime this week.

concretenprimroses said...

Good finds! I'm living vicariously thru you cuz I'm on a noy ard sale diet until I declutter (and take the stuff to a TS!)AND use up some of what I have for garden art. It could last all summer, hope not.
I get shots for my cats, but for many many years I have taken care of cuts and bites. Peroxide works well too (pouring it on the wound.)
I've noticed that diagnoses are hard to get on kitties too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Its been so hot here OMG - I don't even want to leave the house. Plus the thought of bringing anything else in here is giving me the hives. I think I will have to thrift vicariously through you