Monday, July 5, 2010

No Thrifting Joy for me

Well it was bound to happens sooner or later....A road trip without any thrifting bliss.
I was so convinced that on saturday all my Ontario friends would've spread all their unwanted wares on gingham tablecloths in the sweet breeze for me to grab.

Well didn't turn out that way! Tim coffee in hand we had sun in our hearts and change in pockets...I was so primmed!

I saw a big garale sale in Cornwall and Dan graciously stopped the car. There was a lot of cool stuff (No Pyrex) and the prices were steep! Come on people 28$ for an old set of kitchen canisters! Granted they were nice, but this is definitely the prices of people who don't want to get rid of their stuff.

Further south, still in Cornwall, another sale. Hosted by 2 aloof gentlemen who didn't even say hi....You all know what I think of sour puss sellers. These 2 were probably ex-sellers. Nothing had prices, everything was a collectable (YES PYREX!) and everything had a pedigree. The Pyrex I already had. It happens....

West we went and stopped in Morrisburg, where we had seen a nice old guy last year sitting in his garage full of lamps,He was nowhwere to be found and all we saw were signs for a BIG MOVING SALE. Believe it or not the lady had rented a commercial local for her sale....Nothing really interesting and SUPER expensive.

By then were we starving, I was beginning to nibble on the car's upholstery, so we backtracked to Corwall to eat at this funky vintage place.

Next time we go, I should ask when this place opened. probably in the 70's. It's always packed and the decor is so dated that it's in again!

The pic doesn't do justice to all that orange funkiness! It's always akward trying to ask permission to take pics, so I did a covert op...

The food is very good and most of it is homemade. Nothing fancy but real honest with fresh ingredients. Don't get confused this is not a BBQ place in the Kansas city sense, it's a rotisserie chicken kinds place, The kind most of us Quebecers and Ontarians grew up with before St-Hubert BBQ.


That chicken is a hoot and you can see some more inside. I'm already craving that out of this world gravy!

See you tomorrow! Remember it's Retro Tuesday!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Yep some days are like that. I am amazed at the folks asking so much for stuff at yard sales? HUH???? Oh well, you had a good lunch!

Maureen said...

You are such a tease! Usually the first thing I eat when I go home is St. Hubert BBQ. Yummmmmmm! So much better than upholstery! Haha.

suzieQ said...

I know what you mean about some sellers; if they aren't nice, they better have some great stuff.
Some days I can't find a thing I want which is frustrating.

Vonlipi said...

Yes Linda I had a very good lunch!

Mo, I know I'm a tease! Have you ever been to Laurier BBQ in Outremont? It's the best!

SuzieQ: I love your avatar, I'm a big fan of Chococat. We are the same sign and you're from one of my fave places EVER! Do you have a blog?