Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 'O' Surprises!

I had some very nice surprises this week! I had to go in town (Montreal) for some doctor appointment and stopped at the Salvation army...

It was filled to the rafters! It was quite a while since i'd seen so much stuff but NO Pyrex people! 
                                                                 I found this

And this

And  later that night as part of the Just for Laughs festival we went to see the very funny John Pinette! we laughed for 2 hours straight!


Here's a taste!

And I also received some goodies! I traded some Pyrex with Jeni from In Color Order and I received it on Monday.

A beautiful Opal 503 and an adorable hommade tissue holder...LOVE!

A while ago I won Crazy Suburban Mom 's giveaway of a gift certificate from Novica and I chose some jewelry. A girl needs some bling! And I received that as well!

They came in those beautiful boxes...

Some nice hoops. 

This to die for bracelet.

and a gorgeous pendant that doesn't photograph well at all....because of the pearl!

I took this pic from the Novica web site.

I just spent 8$! The rest was covered by the gift certificate! How cool is that?

I had chosen other pieces but was floored by the shipping and duties. They vary from country to country. The web site has gorgeous stuff and I will make some Xmas shopping  there for sure !!!

Today Dan assembled the wardrobe doors for the hall and I assembled the lamp we ordered from LLBean. The doors were later installed but I was too tired for the lamp. The heat is unbearable and my AC feels tired! I should get around to installing the lamp tomorrow! How exciting :) 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the jewelry, congrats on that win!
Pretty white dish! Is that milk glass?

Maureen said...

Sounds like a great week with good finds Ms. V!

I'll have to check your Just for Laughs video. Wish I could go!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Awesome finds. John Pinette is hilarious. I wasn't familiar with his work. His routine reminds me of a French (as in from France) teacher at my school. She's so snobby about everything and I keep wanting to tell her not to be such a cliche of a French person. She gained some weight this year and was bemoaning the fact that she had to go to France this summer looking chunkier than her relatives had seen her. I'm thinking to myself, "You ungrateful b*$&ch. I'm going to Owen Sound this summer. I should be so lucky.

P.S. I love that you're swapping with Jenny from In Color Order. Her blog is so pretty and I love that she has a pet bunny.

Hope you're well!

Mom Walds Place said...

Nice swap and goodies! Sometimes it's good to be on the receiving end.

Am I right in thinking that the style of handle on your opal dish indicates that it is an older piece? I've tried looking in the Pyrex books, but couldn't quite figure it out. I have a chartreuse one.

Vonlipi said...

The Opal dish is the bigger fridgie dish. The Opal pattern (really the absence of pattern) was issued only for 2 years (1954-1956) so it's quite unusual to find these (the bowls and fridgie set).

farmlady said...

I have never seen or heard of John Pinette before. He is funny. No wonder you laughed for two hours.