Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2 challenges

Good evening everyone!

At the end of December for the third year in a row I signed up for Apartment Therapy's January Cure.

I get an email every day with a mission....today I had to clean out a drawer any drawer. I cleaned out my night table drawer....oh the crap!

Lots of mini lock keys, paper clips, religious images (my Dad's), usb sticks (my Dad's), Canadian coins, US coins, coupons, bills....no wonder I could never find my lip balm!

I must tell you that I am looking forward to tomorrow's mission!

First year , 2016, Dad passed before the end of January so I did not complete it and last year I did not either, but I find it a fun and free way to help you organize your space or at least start thinking about it!

My second challenge.....and that one just popped in my head earlier this evening is....

Post a blog update every day in January. So far so good! It might not be an essay overtime but I will try to at least post a picture.

Speaking of pictures.....

Ever since I became the official owner of the house, I have been looking at all the houses in my neighborhood.....and I see some doozies!

 Every time I walk past this window, I feel cold.
I believe that if I push in the window it will fall inside that apartment!
It is as if they did not screw the casing in and just caulked it in place!
If I was the tenant, the landlord would be on speed dial 

This sad old house was built around the same time as mine.
It has been in the same family for 5 generations.
It was sold in October 2017. The last homeowner was an hoarder.
How do I know? I had a nice long chat with the realtor....

 Look at those steps....so scary

From the exterior this is the scariest part for me...
the home owner hasn't been able to close this window
in a lot of years....imagine the birds, the poop, the moisture,
the rot......EW!

so when I see that I feel really good about my house!

The realtor was supposed to take for a tour but never called me back (If I sell I won't be 
calling him....) however while on one of my walks in November, I happened to walk by 
when they were emptying the house....

Dog poop, dust, old people, cigarette smoke and a lot of old perfume.....

I had to pull out my inhaler!

Maybe it is a good thing he never called me back!

Sleep tight and stay warm thrifty peeps!


Cheapchick said...

Good for you for blogging so much! Ick, I cannot imagine trying to be a realtor for a hoarder house. I have been able to do some organizing this week with the cleaning, hoping to fill a box to take to the thrift store on Friday after a week of the purging :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

January is always a busy month for me. Things to do and clean up! I'm hoping to get a task done each day, what fun to have a prompt. I love your old neighborhood but disrepair is scary. Hugs!