Friday, January 5, 2018

Good News

So I went to visit the Dan meister this afternoon and it seems he's doing super good and will come back home tomorrow...rats the vacation is over!

I miss his presence, the sense of humour and not being alone in this really big apartment.
However I can't wait to see that boot going and the wheelchair too!

 The mess behind the wheel chair is made of the empty Xmas boxes that I didn't have the strength
to put away before Xmas.

 Yesterday on my way home, I saw this...
you all know of my love of vintage so my heart went
pitter patter when I saw this suitcase. Unfortunately
it had a lot of interior I left it there!

I have loved Asian cooking as long as I remember. My parents would 
take me to Chinatown quite often.
we would have Chinese vermicelli, chicken Soo Guy,
Sui Mai, butterfly shrimp with and oyster and wrapped in bacon.....
those were amazing!
I remember the formica booth where you could remove a partition and you could share double booths...I also remember the old grandma behind the cash who made sesame candy....

I have never had the same since.....

i cook a lot of Asian food at home and when time allows...I watch food and travel  videos on Youtube.

and I have been slowly but surely obsessed with Japan, most notably Tokyo.

so the other day I ordered a Umai box full of Japan ramen.

I had one yesterday and it was delicious! of course I had to pimp it...
I added chinese cabbage, green onion, enoki mushrooms, leftover blade roast and sliced daikon.

so delicious!

I guess I am all tapped out. So have a great evening my friends
and sleep tight!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

So glad Dan is doing well! Whew!!

Cheapchick said...

Wow, glad he is coming home, that surely is a good sign. Still, be sure to take care of yourself - not just him!