Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello 2018!

So I've had my New Year breakfast (egg, hash brown and bacon).

I made the traditional New Year lunch...Hoppin' John (black eyed peas and rice)...I know it is not a Quebec thing but I enjoy and endorse most traditions that involve prosperity and food....

Like eating pancakes on Friday the 13th which is suppose to ensure that you get enough money to pay your bills...Who doesn't like that? Really?

I was lying in bed and wondering what word would give my year direction. The last 2 years have been taking care of business (TCB).

This year my word is OWNERSHIP. Taking ownership of my house. Taking care of this great old lady, drafty old lady. I have already purchased new front doors and the difference is unbelievable!

And just in time before Winter too. So far winter is whooping our asses...It is unbelievably cold for December.....This night the mercury will dip to -15 F (-26C) brrrrrrr

The house had settled and the old doors did not fit quite right and putting draft stoppers would not cut it anymore.....

 The rain and the snow actually would go under this door.

 One of the new doors

 Some yahoo at the workshop cut to mail holes!
I am still waiting for after sales to bring me the new one!
this particular door was so crooked that you could see outside
and not from the windows.

Most of the things I plan to fix are more labour intensive than 
repaint the kitchen, fix a couple of cracked window panes,
grind and repaint the iron staircase outside....
Fix some plaster.
In an ideal world where money grows on trees...
gutting the kitchen and redoing everything would've been my fantasy
but realisticly it is not worth it. I can't make it bigger and the cub bards
are mostly ok, so paint it will be

 I went to The Nutcracker with friends and I really enjoyed it.
It is always a strange feeling to see my Dad's work.

 Some Xmas peeps, you know I love my blow molds!

 The mantle all dressed up.
my tree a little lopsided....
I felt the same way.
I am right side up now.

and I will be extra careful with money.
no cray-cray spending!
Be well faithful readers!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great goals for 2018. I hope to downsize more, organize more and find a way to keep it that way. Also (and this is the big one) take better care of myself. The last half of 2017 was full of tests and medical mysteries. I'm hoping to make some changes that will keep me ticking for awhile longer!

Cheapchick said...

Your home looks lovely for the holidays! All houses no matter the age are money pits...we had to have some flooring replaced and roof repaired last January, hoping to spend less on the house this year. I want to make a list of specific places I would like to visit this year on the island...and hopefully make them happen. That involves some money but mostly planning