Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Good news!

Dan went to the Orthopedic surgeon today and the ankle is mostly healed. The wheelchair is now optional!

We are settling nicely in this new life.
 However after all that stress, I nap a lot.....but I think is is normal

 I took this picture of Meghan hiding under the dinning room table.

 One of my 2018 goals is eating more vegetables and trying new veggies.
I've had it before but never cooked it and I can't find it fresh here...
Oh well, I got frozen!
I added shallots and red pepper.
It was delicious! A win!

I cook a lot by instinct. What are New Orleans flavors? I've seen okra with tomatoes...
I have a lot of red peppers....

And I can read a recipe and I will you if it is going to be cook or WTF or too complicated...
I got that from my Mom.

Here's to thriving and trying new things!


thriftmaven said...

In the south~we roll sliced (chunked) okra in corn meal and fry.
You've probably had other vegetables done this way.
Your way much more healthy!! My way oooo so good!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Good news on the health front. I love okra and tomatoes so good job!

Cheapchick said...

That's really great news! Now to just get his heart healed up but at least he won't feel quite so helpless. Stay positive (you sould like you are and that is a huge part of the battle)