Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Life goes on

Saturday we brought back the wheelchair as it is no longer needed.

that feels so good! We can move one from there, a new chapter begins.....

That took a big old five minute from my life!

i gently coaxed Veronica (my stepdaughter) to stop at a thrift store nearby...

And I am so glad I did!

By chance I found 3 things I love......

 A car throw...100% wool and in great condition!
I very rarely turn down good condition blankets and throws.
They are always handy when you live in an old house in a cold climate!

 If you've been following 
the blog for a while you might remember that I had an Etsy
shop and that I sold quite a few Le creuset snail dishes...
I have regretted this for a llllllooooooooonnnnnngggg time!
So I was super excited to find one for a dollar....I am sure I will find 3 other fairly soon.

so since I have being jonesing for snails with garlic butter I bought 4 
stainless steel dishes for a dollar

It even says Le Creuset!

Last but not least as seen in the first picture, a Old Orchard Beach souvenir glass!
It is so tackylicious and I had to get it a total no brainer...
I got no flack from the boo because they are small items and Barware is always a go...
I am not the only one jonesing for some snails.....

On a more somber note....

yesterday January 28th marked the second anniversary of my Dad's death.
I had a long talk with him.
I miss him everyday and talk to him most everyday. The big heavy duty sadness is mostly gone, but I had an episode in late December.
What I do now is whatever thing I am doing that my Dad would enjoy...I think about him, or I chat with him.

So this is the beginning of my first year as a homeowner in Montreal.
I got my first municipal tax invoice today. Made calculations so we can pay them on time.
as much as I did not want to be a homeowner again....God decided otherwise and I will do my very best to honor him.

I am very excited as we made plans to paint and renovate (cheaply) one room at a time!

My faithful readers, take time to enjoy each day
and hang out with your loved one


P. said...

Congrats on the progress by your dearest to no longer needing the wheelchair!

What a lovely thing to chat regularly with your late father as you do. It made me tear up reading that. Having just lost mine, as you know, I am going to adopt the practice.

Vonlipi said...

When a loved one passes it doesn’t means that you will never have any contact with them.

You need to go with the flow because grief is an entity and you don’t know how it will affect you.

Hang in there, it does gets easierbut you need to take deep breaths, relax and take care od yourself

Hugs to you

Valerie xxx

Cheapchick said...

Your Dad wanted you to inherit the home he loved, you honor him by continuing to live there and even more taking care of his kitty :) Great find on the Le Crueset!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm happy for you as you start this next chapter of your life. A homeowner and enjoying life. I still (and will always) speak to my departed loved ones. They are near me always. Hugs!