Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Total Mish Mash

Today I'm offering what I call a wish mash


  (mĭsh′măsh′, -mäsh′)
collection or mixture of unrelated things; a hodgepodge.

[Middle English misse-mascheprobably reduplication of mashsoft mixturesee mash.]

I took down the Xmas tree, I know, I know!
The ornements are waiting in Pyrex bowls to be stored until last year...

 This year these are my favorite ornements. I got them a couple of years ago
in my go to church basement when I lived in the burbs.
I paid a big old quarter for them. I think they we ment to be hung from a chandelier....
But not sure. They are all handmade.

Next up a plumbing issue....
When it is very cold in winter, the bathtub drain freezes....
The first time I freaked out but thank God, Dad was around to explain
that this situation didn't cause damage, that it would thaw as soon as the weather
is milder and that he had tried to correct this but nothing fixed the problem
and this had been happening for 30 years....

I was very surprised to notice that the shower drain was super duper
lazy.....And when I noticed it Dan was in the hospital and it
never occurred to me that it might be clogged by a wig!
Ew! Problem fixed!

 I was so glad I had this nifty tool on hand!

 Since Dan wasn't mobile and at one point I couldn't stand cooking anymore...
So we had some really amazing salmon tartare Japanese style delivered.If you like sushi there is a 
very good chance you will like tartare.....

I marinated and cooked lean pork cutlets on my
new Le Creuset grill pan....
It was free , the grill pan not the pork.....

Grilled pork, with celeriac salad and collards

I need to revise the collard recipe....It needed something
I don't know what but I will figure it out!

Have a great evening

I'll be watching the X-Files!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well glad you got the wig out of the drain! I've had that problem before also! :) I hope things are warming up for you. We've had this snow and ice and we in the South don't do winter well. I'm just hoping my surgery isn't postponned and I can get this over with tomorrow. Keep warm and those pork chops look yummy!

Cheapchick said...

Look at all those beautiful vintage ornaments!! I have to say I am definitely a vintage Christmas hoarder, every year find new pretties. LOL wig in the drain, ew!