Thursday, January 11, 2018

Seen Around

I was planning to post about something else, but I am having issues with the pic download as usual....

Just a street over there is a little Portuguese grocery that has been at the same location since the 60's.

I started shopping there in the 80's when I had a shitty apartment just across the street from where i currently live.

The grocery store is a staple of Portuguese culture and food. people come from all over for their specialty meats, cheese and groceries.

 The ground beef, and bifanas (pork steaks) are really good.
They make the most fabulous smoked bacon.

 last night 2 of the butchers were fixing chorizo, the most wonderful
sausage! It is smoked and dried and stored in the cabinet
in the picture below.
you can order a mild or spicy chorizo.
it can be served grilled or sliced and served with 
Caldo Verde the traditional Portuguese kale and potato soup.

I really love this store and so did my Dad.
He didn't want to move from his neighborhood because of this place and other

I am really happy that I enjoy posting again!

I hope it lasts!

Have a great night!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Something I enjoy about city life are the small grocery stores nearby.

Cheapchick said...

We're happy you are posting again too! Bifano, loved them when we went to portugal. Our go to snack