Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Going to the BEACH!!!

Well ,it is time to write about my delicious beach escape to Hampton Beach NH!

This is a picture of Boar's Head, a nice upscale neighbourhood. It is a really nice place to take a leisurely walk.

So it had been 4 years since our last visit. Not much has changed, but the real estate boom is ever present. Developpers are buying the old places, ripping them up and building (what else? CONDOS!!!). Do we need more condos? Anyways, one of my favortite place to eat (lorenz clam shack) got demolished as the Sea Castle (the first motel I went to in Hampton).

The sea was gorgeous and cold and frothy (qualities I look for when on vacation). We spent our days walking by the sea, taking dips and vegging out. Didn't do any shopping and the only thing I was really looking for was MIA. Yes, you got me right! I was looking for the elusive 'Clams playing Bingo'! 4 years ago we saw a lot of them in a gift shop, laughed our head off, but didn't buy any, so I promised myself to buy some, but when we got there... No Clams in sight!!! I spotted these in the window of a ladies apparel store, they weren't for sale but I had to take a picture....
It was a short trip (we couldn't leave the cats unattended for too long) but I feel my batteries recharged, all the good sea vibrations, the wounderful energy, it was amazing!
And I missed the cats....Oh last thing! Since we went during the week, there were no yard sales, garage sales or other....Better luck next time!!!


Madge said...

Sounds like you had a nice time!
I miss my cats when I go out of town, too! I wish we could bring them with us!

Vonlipi said...

Yes I did! I'm afraid my cats don't travel well...They make a mess in the car...