Sunday, July 27, 2008

Step away from the dishwasher!!!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to go to the Salvation Army (in Pierrefonds).
I found a small yellow 401 bowl and 2 small pink refrigerator dishes and a 502 (the medium one) pink also. But they had been ravaged by the dreaded dishwasher. The bowl was so bad that you could bearly see that it had been yellow. The refrigerator dishes were nearly as bad.
That makes me mad! I had to leave them there....I found a small Bodum coffee maker for .99 cents. Good

After a lunch at an Indian Buffet. I went to the Value Village in Pierrefonds as well. Slim pickings...I found a cover for a small casserole. I had an Autumn Harverst casserole sighting but I already had it. Oh well, It will be for another time!

This morning I had a call from Dad. He was all excited because he found me a small Daisy casserole, I don't know which size, but I am thrilled! That ends the week real well!

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