Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two for 3 bucks!

Did I mentioned that the Salvation Army and a heat wave don't mix very well? They have fans near the cash that's it...I do sweat a lot when I go there!

Anyways I got those 2 beauties for 3 dollars. Believe it or not the small Pyrex casserole was .89 cents, the Glasbake cup 1.99. You can see the difference of quality between Pyrex and Glasbake. Pyrex actually fired the paint afterwards, but I believe Glasbake just let it dry. The cup is matte not shiny like Pyrex. I will give the casserole to my Dad, he collects transparent Pyrex and I will give the cup to my friend Celine (She already has two,a salmon and a jade green)

The heatwave continues and being mindful of the environment and our carbon footprint we try to turn on the air conditionning as little as possible. Today my new haircolor actually ran in my neck...EEEWWWW!!! That's is hot and humid!


Anonymous said...

lol - I laugh because I hit about four or five thrift stores yesterday (Salvation Army being one of them) and was appalled that they have no a/c! Only one store was air conditioned, and unfortunately, that was the one that had the least stuff worth looking at.
Guess they want to make you linger eh?

Vonlipi said...

Ain't it the truth! I go to the Salvation army almost every week, but I am starting to miss Value Village...