Monday, July 7, 2008

How sweet it is!

Last nite, I went to a concert, but not any old concert...I went to see James Taylor!!! OMG!

It was such a good concert! I loved it! It was my first time at the Molson center (Where the
Canadians play and Montreal's big concert hall). It was spacious and airy and the sound was great and it was my first middle-aged concert. So the vibe was different, nobody sang (except me), nobody danced (I didn't, I'm not really a great dancer ....). Anyways the room was tamer, oh yeah definitely tamer, and some people were rushing out to beat the traffic! Anyways,
even with the 45 min drive back I was home at 11:00! He played old stuff and new stuff and basically all the songs I wanted to hear, so it was a big hit!!! Beforehand we had supper at La Brasserie Brunoise, and it was out of this world!!! It is not often we frequent pricey joints (I believe this one is classified as middle of the road price wise, but still pricey for us). We both had the Steak Frites(steak with homemade fries) and for dessert we shared a Panna Cotta with passion fruit and basil coulis (sounds weird? well it was deliciously weird)!!! I highly recommend it and I will go back again when I want to splurge!

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