Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Pyrex !

I just love those small casseroles! I use them for butter, a dip, a small left over, munchies...

The blue and the yellow are the first I bought in a church basement at 2$ each last September.

In my opinion Old Orchard is one of their most awful pattern...I have a soft spot for it because I love Old Orchard Beach (maine) so much. I got the 402 and 403 from a flea market in Cornwall, Ontario which proves that you eyes must be opened at all times....

I am not sure about that pattern either....I am never sure of the name ,Square green flowers?
But you never know! As time passes, my tastes evolve to Fisties,Sixties sometimes Seventies Kitsch. So only time will tell!
I am all out of pictures...bouhou, bouhou!

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Leilani said...

Oh wow I didn't realize Pyrex was so plentiful in Canada! I mainly found clothes & accessories when I went to Montreal last year... I can't wait to see what you find in the future. :)