Monday, July 21, 2008

My Pyrex!!!

One of my off-time project was to take pictures of the Pyrex! So I started today! First of you have the Crazy Daisy pattern (two versions).

Then you have the Butterfly Gold (again two versions).The 501 with the small design was in my cabinets...un-noticed for quite a while! This is one of my favorite patterns (but it had to grow on me!)

I love the Horizon pattern specially the color. That blue is soooooo gorgeous!

I really love the instant coffee carafe on the left, because the promotional sticker is still partially on it, and you have the french and english version proving that it was a promotional gift when you bought Maxwell House coffee. The other was a gift from my father.

That is it for today, but I will continue to post pictures of my Pyrex collection.

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