Friday, July 11, 2008

Cheese in a can with cat!

I remember very well, when I discovered Easy Cheese. I could not believe my eyes! Of course you could only find this in the States! It is part of the MAGIC of going there. I ate so much of this stuff the first years, it is a wonder I didn't turn into a can....
It is been more than 5 years since I had some, but I still find it funny and when I come across it in supermarkets I feel some kind of Nostalgia.
On the trifting front nothing much, I found a small 501 pre-50"s lid for .49 cents at the Salvation Army. I can't wait to do some serious trifting! Over the weekend I have a garage sale and a flea market on my list. I hope it won't rain! I will try to sell my Butterprint bowl set to a dealer. I have been trying to sell en Ebay for a couple of months and nothing!!! It seems to me at least, that summer is not a good time to sell Pyrex on Ebay. People used to trow themselves on Butterprint bowls...What happenned? Overload of pattern? Sick of Pyrex?


Madge said...

Sick of Pyrex! Never! Maybe pattern overload, but it is still not the easiest one to find in is a huge treasure for me to find.

Have a good weekend. ;)

P.S. I have never had cheese in a can! Hah!

Vonlipi said...

Well the good news is that I sold the bowls today! And turned around and bought more Pyrex with my profit! A 403 turquoise bowl and a never seen delphite pitcher canadian made...I was shacking like a leaf. I will post pictures tomorrow!

A wounderful weekend to you!

Cheese in a can, is so full of chemicals it reminds me of melted Phentex!!!