Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One bowl at a time :)

A quarter! That is what I paid for this delicious Crazy Daisy 442 bowl! The Pyrex god was smiling on me today!
I was really pooped because I was coming back from the post office on my bike and i had to take a rest. So I said to myself: I will sit on the church steps and relax a bit. Well every Wednesday they open their church thrift store...It is mostly clothes, but i took a chance and I saw this sweet bowl waving. It has a bit of damage on the paint, but for .25 cents, I couldn't leave it there.
I find it always amusing when the persons working at these thrift stores look at me like I was mentally deranged to buy Pyrex. One time the lady told me: give me .10 cents and go! She didn't even want to give me a bag! Like I had puke all over me! And it happened again today, she just looked at me (a you are crazy lady look) and with a dismissive wave said: Just gimme .25 cents. Well good for me! I have to watch my budget...

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